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Smart Home Solutions & Security Systems from CONTEC


Innovate System’s Smart Home

Innovate System distributes, implements and installs CONTEC Smart Home solutions in the Jerusalem area and the surrounding region.

The unique collaboration between Innovate Systems, which specializes in providing smart home solutions, and CONTEC, the Israeli security system company which develops advanced smart home technology, creates a perfect and coherent combination.

Our top quality Smart Home Solutions are customized to our customer’s needs providing them maximum comfort, efficiency and saves a significant amount of energy.


Set scheduled tasks in advance by using a clock (“A Sabbath Clock”) and take into account dynamic parameters like the time of sunrise and sunset, the season and the weather.


Control the house from inside and out by connecting to the security systems of the building such as security cameras, alarm systems and intercom.

Independent Operation

The management interface and the system settings are easy to operate which enables complete independence without having to rely on aynone else.

Bypass & Backup

CONTEC developed a unique system that includes two backup bypasses. In addition, they allow manual operation through wall switches.

Energy Saving

Monitoring and allowing control on the structure enables optimal management of energy and electricity and significant savings in energy costs.

Flexibility & Modularity

Possible alterations and connections to additional components as well as the ability to change, replace or independently change the setup.


10 years of Israeli high-tech – The CONTEC Smart Home.
CONTEC develops, manufactures and distributes command and control systems for the smart home. The company consists of engineers and professionals in the fields of software, electronics and electricity, and works with architects, electrical engineers, projects managers and electricians from all over Israel. CONTEC provided advanced solutions to private, military and institutional customers.

CONTEC’s smart home vision began at 2003, when the founders worked on a smart and advanced solution which they wanted to be also modular and user-friendly.
The company’s vision “A smart home in every home” was shaped to become a smart monitor and control system which provides solutions to customers in all fields. Today, over ten years later, CONTEC’s smart home system is the only one that allows its users to be independent with their system.
The development and production of CONTEC provides unique solutions to the demands and needs of the Israeli consumer.

CONTEC has concentrated much effort on “out of the box” thinking to provide various solutions that produce good-value products on a higher level.
Examples of exclusive advantages: Bypass & backup, high definition resolution, and the ability to make change in the system.


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