Innovate System’s Services

The smartest and most advanced solutions.

Security Cameras

High Resolution Analog and Digital security cameras from leading brands, the systems are based on monitoring people/cars in the area according to rules and defined actions as needed. It includes an easy to use mobile app for remote-control.

Alarm Systems

Certified installers of systems from Pima, Risco, Visdnic, alarm systems with infrared detectors, anti-mask detectors, active detectors, beams, etc. For businesses and personal protection. Also, includes a mobile remote-control application that can be used from anywhere in the world.

Access Control

Run by software, biometric readers, proximity readers, coders, intercom systems, electromagnets, electric locks, with telephone/mobile control and wireless systems.


Complex network systems for organizations, VoIP phone and IP Centrex, advanced switches, communication rooms, and high quality installations. We establishe communication networks for organizations of all sizes.

Fire Detection

Certified installers of Telefire Smoke Control Systems, regional and analog systems, automatic gas extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers for institutions and for individuals. Installation of systems in restaurant kitchens.

Smart Home

Innovate System distributes, implements and installs CONTEC Smart Home solutions in the Jerusalem area and the surrounding region.
The unique collaboration between Innovate Systems, which specializes in providing smart home solutions, and CONTEC, the Israeli security system company which develops advanced smart home technology, creates a perfect and coherent combination.

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