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Who We Are?

Security Solutions

Innovate System specializes in providing solutions in the subjects of- low voltages, smart homes, communications, security systems, monitoring and computerization.

Professional Services

Our Company chooses for its customers the products from the best manufacturers while ensuring high quality, durability and easy operation.

Our Staff

The Company was founded in 2004 by Yonatan Tzachi and Yakir Ben David, who have background and experience in various relevant technological fields such as: communications, electronic computing and more.

What We Do

Innovate Systems markets, implements and installs security solutions that include security cameras, alarm systems and access control in the Jerusalem area and the surrounding region.
During the stage of preparation, our services provide advisers for the security, electricity and fire detection systems. We also provide guidance for projects, marketing security products from the advanced sector, and the installation of security system for personal, business and institutional use.
Field shot photography using MultiCopter cameras for measurements and preparations for various security systems.

To consult with an expert regarding your security requirements

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Smart Home

Innovate System distributes, implements and installs CONTEC Smart Home solutions in the Jerusalem area and the surrounding region.

The unique collaboration between Innovate Systems, which specializes in providing smart home solutions, and CONTEC, the Israeli security system company which develops advanced smart home technology, creates a perfect and coherent combination.

Our top quality Smart Home Solutions are customized to our customer’s needs providing them maximum comfort, efficiency and saves a significant amount of energy.

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